Over the course of the first 10 years we have had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with many fabulous people and projects. Here are the links to some of them.
Please visit for more information on our home-base and the context of our work.
We have partners who retail our instruments in India and internationally. Please contact us directly for contacts in your location.
adishakti theatre lab
Auroville musician: Nadaka, Holger Jetter-Sunshine studio
sound wizard
winworld, experimental musical instruments
gandharva loka shops
jonathan goldmann, soundhealer
jill purce, soundhealer
nada-centre for musictherapy
dehli music therapy trust
rajeev sethi, indian heritage foundation
Austrian Civil service abroad
  • Rupak visited SVARAM and arranged a little gathering with some instruments from SVARAM in the Showroom, played by Prakash (head of department of bambo...
  • Utopindia trailer - Musical experiences at Auroville, by Shaman Duke, 3'29" min. This short movie, an experimental visual composition, explores musi...
  • EarthMoments - Trailer, by EarthSync, 2'26" min. EarthMoments is a collection of world music recordings by Aurelios friends, the electronic artists K...
  • Auroville Retreat - Healing with Sound, 1'26" min., collage This Auroville commercial is a vibrant medley of SVARAM sounds - Aurelio plays a variety ...
  • Auroville, Le Lien d'Or (The Golden Bond), Documentary by Michèle Decoust, 5 min. The film interviews several Aurovilians about their life and creativ...
SVARAM is developing from its initial social, training and research activities into an engaged model community enterprise with a promising potential...
SVARAM is looking for sponsorships and investments in our future. With private and public, national and international collaboration we willbe stronger to...
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