Participate in Co-creating the Campus
SVARAM is developing from its initial social, training and research activities into an engaged model community enterprise with a promising potential of a larger impact in the local and global field.
SVARAMs work is the living experience of a dynamic growth through participation of experts and explorers from around the world. We trust that there is a larger movement driving, inspiring and bringing together the necessary means and personalities to manifest the vision.
We are looking for collaborations and support through partnerships into our future.
We are always eager to receive new people, whether you are musicologist or craftsman, researcher or musician, visitor giving a workshop or long-term volunteer to contribute to the daily work.
Choose in which field you would like to engage, volunteer and support us:
SOUND SOURCE – technical/innovative:
You are an Instrument Maker - come to develop and build your instruments in collaboration with our qualified craftsmen. Use SVARAMs facilities to experiment and realize the sound device of your dreams. At the same time you teach & train our team in refining their craftsmanship.
SOUND WINGS – artistic/creative:
You are a Musician & Sound Artist - come to teach and make music with us. Enjoy the sessions with the gifted musicians among SVARAMs Tamil and international staff. Support us in expanding the existing musical skills of our drummers, flutists, dancers etc. Perform for us, for Aurovilians and guests in a highly artistic and creative atmosphere.
You are a Musicologist & Researcher - come to enhance our learning by giving workshops in your area of expertise, be it on acoustics, composing, or any other topic related to music and sound. Thus you are supporting us in our steps towards the formation of a teaching faculty in the projected SVARAM model campus.
You are a Sound Healer - come to exchange experience and knowledge in the field of music therapy. Benefit from treatments and teachings on a give-and-take-basis. You may also assist SVARAM in further promoting the 'New Waves' series for Sound Healing applications.
SOUND TRACKS – strategic/organizational:
You are a specialist in office work - come to help us with your administrative experience (e.g. in establishing a marketing section). SVARAM also welcomes your knowledge in computer work and (graphic-) design.
SOUND WAYS - Co-Operation:
You are a forward-looking entrepreneur - be our partner in investment, resourcing, promoting, marketing or distributing SVARAMs groundbreaking new instruments.
Contact us HERE by email or call +91 413 2622 220.
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SVARAM is developing from its initial social, training and research activities into an engaged model community enterprise with a promising potential...
SVARAM is looking for sponsorships and investments in our future. With private and public, national and international collaboration we willbe stronger to...
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