SVARAM Musical Instruments' pioneering products, activities and services contribute to the individual and social harmonization and wellbeing, bringing the life enhancing, cultural-creative and value fostering gift so fmusic into everyone‘s heart and hands.
SVARAM is a community enterprise founded 10 years ago in rural Tamil Nadu, in association with the international UNESCO endorsed project of Auroville. SVARAM is recognized in the UN Compendium ‘Music as a Global Resource’ as one of first 100 selected projects working towards achievement of the ‘Millennium Goals’ through a socio-cultural-creative enterprising approach. Initiated as a vocational training opportunity, the youth full project is now established as a sustainable, income gene rating and growing venture managed with the original trainees in a participatory model organization.
More than 20 years of international research in musicology, acoustics, harmonic studies, intangible heritage, pedagogy and healing arts – integrating at the same time traditional craft talents, indigenous skills and community organization systems of Tamil culture – are make SVARAM‘s products and services unique in the Indian and Asian context.
The confluence of the rich heritage of musical instruments from around the world with cutting edge studies and expertise opens a fertile ground for explorations and innovations. The emerging and growing interests in India reflects people‘s need for personal growth, creativity and wellness. Our customers are individual buyers from over sea sand all over India, music lovers, musicians, therapists, teachers as well as educational institutions, lifestyle & hotel boutique sand the growing wellness & health sector.
Through its rich diversity in the folk tradition – between Himalayan mountains, river valley sand deltas, desert sand plain sand the southern tropical and coastal regions – India harbors amongst then Nations one of the richest heritage cultures in musical instruments. Due to fast modernization and the loss of natural resource sand habit at many of the cultural treasure soft he indigenous people are fast disappearing and with it the intangible heritage of specialized skills. Even the classical tradition, while more established and transmitted through generations suffers great losses in the ancient art and knowledge of the musical instrument craft.
Historically and to date the skill shave been passed on through family linages, small scale handicraft units and specialized guild sandcasts. SVARAM Campus aims to bring this ‘National Treasure’ into a more objectified, modern and available setting through a nation wide out reach and integration of traditional skill sand contemporary practices of media, design and dissemination.
In the contex of the UN selected project work in the chapter of ‘Music and Community Building’, SVARAM wants to model a sustainable, participatory approach of effective self-management in its department sand overall coordination. The young team of crafts people, artisans, trainees and office staff is learning to efficient lyorganizet heir work based on the traditional method sand structures of community values and practices.
Regular consultancies and directive inputs are offered by experienced resource people. The process is also supported by long term international volunteers, student interns and visiting experts, turning the SVARAM Campus into an exemplary co-creative learning and work field
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SVARAM is developing from its initial social, training and research activities into an engaged model community enterprise with a promising potential...
SVARAM is looking for sponsorships and investments in our future. With private and public, national and international collaboration we willbe stronger to...
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