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Sound Pavilion

As an outcome of our longstanding work with Sound-Vastu we have created an idealized matrix and assembly of diverse sound installations in the form of a ''Sound Pavilion''. Inspired by the concept of the sacred space and atmosphere of a shrine and its contemplative dimension, the holographic model in-cooperates most of the Svaram installations in one unified whole. Besides the standard Tubular Bells, there are the Plate Bells, Bar Chimes, Rotating Chimes, Xylophone, Lithophone, a Singing Stone and diverse smaller instruments, in total representing a rich ensemble of immediately approachable sound sources.

The specialty of this Sound Pavilion, which relates to the indoor Sound Healing Space, is that it not only signifies but stands directly in the context of the basic directional alignments of North-East, opening the interplay of cosmic and terrestrial forces and their impact on our orientation and life, as revealed in the study of Vastu and related geomantic and bio-energetic sciences. In that way the Sound Pavilion becomes a proper place for personal tune-in and collective rite of re-alignment and fulfills the ancient premise of music as an educative, healing and harmonizing art.

The Sound Pavilion can be integrated in any specially dedicated interior space of minimum 25 square meters or stand free as an outdoor roofed, semi-open pavilion, according to climate zone, culture and surroundings. For the pavilion we can work on two basic models in the choice of design, materials and executions, which can be modified according to specific environments, conditions and needs:

  • The original, rustic design based on the concept of the traditional¬†¬†¬† granite pavilion, the South Indian Mandapam as a recharging and restful way-station

  • The modern style configuration with stainless steel space frame and fittings manifesting a contemporary transitional zone