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Sound Healing Space


SVARAM Sound Healing Space offers a novel experience of heightened, synaesthetic perception of the immediate impact of sound vibrations on the body and its more subtle layers. It creates an atmosphere and dedicated space of listening, tuning, aligning and coming into resonance with universal principles and effects of primeval as well as tuned sounds.

A configuration of selected and carefully manufactured 'sound sources', large scale instruments of diverse materials and qualities, are grouped in an archetypal configuration around the central element of the Sound Healing Bed, which replaces the traditional massage table and offers a resting place for the sensory, receptive experience of a variety of sound textures and vibrations.


Based on natural, harmonic proportions and just intonation tunings on C 256 the Sound  Healing Space is a direct expression of the healing art and science of pure sound. The polarity between structured, tuned tone as a symbolic expression of the cosmic principles of harmony and order, and primal, apparently chaotic sound is resolved in an organic whole which stimulates the evolutionary growing process of constant adjustment and reintegration.

The direct tactile impact of the sound vibrations creates a deep state of relaxation and clear sense of overall harmonization. The aim and natural result of a Sound Session is to support the receiving person into a Nidra/Alpha state of deepened awareness, which brings refreshing rest, naturally stimulating homodynamic, self healing capacities and offers the opportunity of balancing the system through a realignment of the different planes of the being.



The Sound Healing Bed has been developed to heighten the sensory perception of sound vibrations through a direct resonating touch into a rare synaestetic and total experience. In the receptive pose of lying on the 'bed' not only the physical domain of the body but also its subtler layers are exposed to the harmonizing tones of pure intervals and balancing tonal proportions. This represents the central piece and resting place of the Sound Healing Room around which all the other instruments are arranged which provide further differentiation of effective sound sources and their balancing qualities and deepening impact.


This dynamic component of the Sound Healing Space is still in development. Tuned, wooden pipes in the tradition of a wooden organ represent the energies of air and the essential life breath. Like strings, vibrating air columns share the phenomenon of a regular harmonic overtone series and therefore create immediate resonances with the inherent structure and rhythms of the organism.


A set of large size tubular bells tuned in the diatonic syntonon resonates the sevenfold scale of our energy centers in a linear order and enhances the flow of the clients life energy. Played with a pair of mallets, mounted on a wooden stand with wheels, this instrument can be moved while playing for additional effect and represents the spine of the Sound Space installation.


A selection of brass plate bells set in the prime pentatonic excerpt of the harmonic series, refined with specialized overtone tuning enhancing purity and sustain of tone, brings the tonal pillar into the Sound Healing Room. Defining the elemental circle and play of musical harmony, they offer a strongly resonate and solid, anchoring component into the etheric sound atmosphere of the space. 


The size and massiveness of this single gong helps to anchor the fundamental frequency of the Sound Space. The given tonic is the physical C, and in this case is the sixth octave of 1, where through simply doubling the frequency 1,2,4,8,16,32...we reach 64 Hertz, which is taken as the core vibration for all the other tuned instruments. This is the seed, the Bindu and opens the gateway from and into silence.


This ancient phenomenon represents the grounding earth element of the Sound Healing Space. Played in rubbing motions with the help of water its vibrational expression from the core of matter touches a yet unknown sense of depth and the mystery of sound creation. Its resonating effect on the body is calming and stimulating at the same time, supporting the inner balance of a healthy, right tonus between tension and relaxation. 


This newly invented rotating chime tuned in a series of pure fifth invites the listener into an elevated space of imagination and dream integration. Through its whirling movement, strongly perceptible pulsating waves are created which have enlivening implications on the atmosphere of the room as well as on the subtle bodies and overall state of the client.


A large curtain rattle combines organic materials as seeds, nuts, bamboo and shells and brings the soothing sound of a natural environment into the space. These sound materials have been used since ages to invoke a 'loosened up' state of trance and altered consciousness and can invoke deep responses and archetypal imagery.

STRING DRUM (optional)

This instrument is a combination of the qualities of a single string, a bell metal weight and a drum resonator and brings surprising and alerting sounds into perception.
Together with the Spiral Drum it emanates a powerful primal atmosphere and gives room for the deeper touches of the magic of sound.


This original 'storm drum' brings a rolling, volcanic, alerting sound into the space which opens a root link
to the elemental power of material creation. The aspect of chaos stands in contrast to the cosmic tunes of
the bell like instruments and offers the opportunity of integrating
apparent polarities in our existence and personal life.


Pulse Tubes, Swinging Chime, Jingles, Rattles, Cimbals... Depending on the versatility or choice of the therapist a range of additional instruments used for Sound Healing can be incorporated. Impact and descriptions are provided.


The tunings are based on the 'scientific' 'physical' C as an expression of octaves of 1: 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 etc. and bring

- a just intonation diatonic scale (Ptolemy's Syntonon) in the Tubular Bells

- the pentatonic extract from the harmonic series (8 9 10 12 15 16) with 2 1/2 octaves in the Plate Bells

- supported by the tonic C2 of the Plate Gong

- the Rotating Chime 'Sound Spiral' as the head piece which is tuned in a pythagorean progression of pure fifths.

These four together are manifesting the prime proportions of intervals as our musical alphabet.

The idiophones are bringing in the diversity of instrument materials as a

- Sound Stone (played with the help of water in stroking, rubbing motions)

- Weight-String (exposing a varied array of sounds through bowing, plucking, striking)

- Spiral Drum with its atmospheric textures and

- 'Waterfall' of natural materials.

The combination of the tuned instruments with the ones without or non-harmonic pitch definition is musically interesting and especially challenging. The focus is in approaching and synthesising a 'counter-field' which opens syntonic resonances through an embrace of dissonant harmony and is so bringing forth touches of an exceptional pleroma of sound.

The true gift of the Sound Healing Space lies in an intensified sensory way of listening and a heightened auditory awareness. It invites through an attentive discovery simultaneously for an introspective deepening and mindful widening into aware, passive perception as well as alert, active experience.

The original role of music and sound as a source of playful concentrated study, ethical education, personal healing and communal celebration is achieved through an intuitive opening to the mystery behind and within our earthly existence.