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Sound Installation & Sound Landscapes

Since a few years our explorations extends into sound installations for interiors, landscaped spaces, public areas, parks, schools and other educational institutions.

With an increasing awareness of environmental impacts on our general health and overall wellbeing the attention to sound related subjects is evoking public interest and concern. Whereas noise pollution is a recognized hazard in urban settings and developments, so far very little research has been done on the positive effect of sound in enhancing the quality of life and environment. Beside private spaces especially parks, recreational and institutional areas offer places and opportunities to bring in the balancing and harmonizing effect of sound and could also be important learning environments for the public. In recent educational research scientists found out that in information-overloaded present societies a protective closing-in of our overall sensory awareness is provoked. As a result the essential human creative capacity and impuls is regressing. The Sounds of SVARAM invite to a direct experience and stimulate the sense of listening and touching actively. They further attantion and social competency through immediate contactand play with the interactive instruments.