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Sound Stones

These revolutionary new instruments resounding in the acoustic experience of human civilization, are manufactured by SVARAM initially under the guidance of Prof. Klaus Fessmann from Mozarteum Salzburg and his son Hannes' direct involvement. (see: Each stone, weighing from 20-200 kg, represents a unique sound-sculpture and is played in a tangible unfolding process, similar to rubbing a crystal wine glass. The resulting sound is a new and unique experience for human ears and synaesthetic perception.

The oldest stories of mankind are painted and written on stone, be it the prehistoric rock-art of indigenous people in Australia, Africa and the Americas or the numerous engravings on ancient tablets of Egypt and Mesopotamia. In some cultures stones were used in musical ceremonies, as for instance, in some archaic tribes in Mali and Togo, in palaeolithic Vietnam, in the ancient Confucian court music of China and Korea, in early Amharic liturgy of Ethiopia and in the Celtic lore of the British Isles. One of the earliest texts on music carved in stone has been discovered in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is here, that we can still find in some temples great pillars which give off musical notes when struck, in worship and celebration of the wonder of creation. Many legends speak of “singing stones” as a symbol of the power of transformation. How, through knocking and playing stones, the petrified form and rigidity of apparently dead matter can release its inherent flow of life energy, opening hardened hearts and revealing the indwelling soul.

The resonance and unique sound of the music of the stones immediately touches the surprised listener and evokes the atmosphere of another time and space. It invites one into the heart of matter, expressing the vibrational nature of the manifest world. As we are still in the initial stages of this futuristic and yet deeply ancient sound adventure, we are able to communicate further details about background, process, ethics and purchase only on an individual basis. For more information contact us directly.

Healing Applications

The Singing Stone is also used as a Sound Healing Instrument in specialized therapies and clinical applications as seen in Prof Fessmann's and Dr Runge's research work and trainings. The sound of the stone is a completely new and unique experience of synaestethic perception. It has very positive, stimulating and calming effects on the regeneration and balance of our body-mind structure.

Each stone has a unique resonance field. The sounds emerging from the stone meet different parts and planes of the being, bringing it in relation and synchronizing it with the vibratory, energetic nature of universal existence. The stone becomes a transmitter of the power of primal and pure vibration and re-minds and inspires our system with the harmony and peace of restful being.