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New Waves

NEW WAVES appear on the sound-scene of the new millennium to introduce to the sensitized listener tonal material which - in contrast to the standardized western system with its equal tempered 12 tones - reflects the organic building principles of our universe and is based on the natural laws of proportion, integer numbers and pure harmonic intervals and progressions. SVARAM is exploring with this new series of instruments the realm of original and ancient musical material and practices and their symbolic applications, which have risen out of a deep identification with the inherent harmonic structure of the world.

To rediscover music's sacred, healing and educational dimension SVARAM explores ancient and newly developed tuning systems. We make them available to cultural creative pioneers to experiment with a holistic approach to sound for the harmonization of self, society and the world. In a constantly unfolding process of integrating new inventions and original practices, NEW WAVES are a growing range of innovative and unusual instruments. Our wish is that through our pioneering impetus similar activities may be stimulated and initiated in the emerging field of a community based, global culture of harmony.

Ancient Sources

Ancient wisdom traditions realized that our human body, as well as the entire cosmos, is built and functions according to primal chaordic principles – unifying apparent chaos in an ordered matrix- and that music is a direct reflection of the order and harmony of the cosmos, and therefore offers a means and opportunity to experience playfully or in concentrated ritual these elementary parameters of creation. On our amazingly diverse planet we still can observe and hear musical expressions of the different stages of historic development of human civilization, and its role in archaic tribal cultures, orthodox religious communities, mystic practices and all the way to contemporary urban youth' rave parties and trance dances. Through this living heritage we can have a good impression of the role of music in civilization and its function in ceremony, ritual, healing, education and celebration. The important role and magic of music in the different stages of the human evolutionary journey and cycles of life have inspired us to explore the functioning and the effects of sound and music on our psycho-physiological constitution and community life. Spanning the arc from archaic, shamanic experiences through mystic states and metaphysical teachings to scientific approaches and studies, our journey and activities continue to be an adventure of discovery.

Harmonic Tunings

NEW WAVES' harmonic tunings utilize the beauty and clarity of simple mathematics and pure proportions, to find a tonal expression of the inherent harmony and beauty of the cosmic play. In contrast to the standardized international concert pitch of A 440 Hz, our instruments are based on C 256, the 'physical C', (the eight octave of one -1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256...). This relates our music's fundamental pitch to the primal time unit of one second, reflecting the circumnavigation of the Earth around the Sun - and stands analogous to our primal movement around a solar center.
The 'Harmonic series' reflects an archetypal and prominent building principle of creation, the process of emanation: out of the One, the Many are brought forth through apparent division and multiplication. Each single sound is composed of a combination of many sounds, with varied and characteristic selections from the archetypal pattern of this harmonic series. In its fullness the series represents the step by step progression from One to Infinity, always retaining the one unifying core. Our hearing perceives, predisposed through its own organic structure, the most simple ratios as consonant and appealing and identifies a limited range of proportions as distinct enough to be utilized in musical communication. These primal intervals can be experienced through contemplative play in their relation to, and impact on, our mental, vital and physical constitution. They can give us keys to archetypal states, modes and structures of consciousness.

The moving ' Touch of Sound'
Each tone of the selected scales supports and is contained in the others. The interacting tones create a real symphony of togetherness and oneness. Through additional movement of spinning, whirling or swinging, the sound behind the sound appears, becomes audible........ the unified waves touch the organic system, deepening the resonance underlying all living beings. Matter is recognized in its vibrational nature, and the whole being delights in a pure experience of synaesthetic awareness.

Contemplative Play
A new approach to playing with music is asked for to support the process of learning and self-exploration, to experience the 'meaning' and potential of NEW WAVES instruments. The childlike curiosity to play with the unknown, to discover, a sense of wonder, combined with a deep listening into the depth and quality of sound and an alert reflection on its sensory impact - are all helpful in fathoming the 'message' of the specific tonal configuration. We center ourselves, come into relation with the instrument in an attitude of communion, play with single tones, perceive, respond, invite, create, act and react, move and are moved ….. The focus lies on receptivity, perception, listening, sensing, and not so much on expression and doing. The function of the instruments is to open the space, environment, feeling and imagination to the realm of vibrations and bring the player's being and surroundings into resonance with its inherent musical structure and natural need for harmony. The deepening of the sound perception works on the diverse layers of our constitution - with an immediate physical, tactile or deeper organic impact, an emotional response and possible visual, intuitive reaction - increasing the capacity of differentiation and unification in a heightened state of awareness, the phenomenon of synaesthesia in which our senses all swing together in a symphonic experience of wholeness. The vibratory, energetic nature of our existence is revealing itself through the refinement of our human instrumentation, the player playing is the play – in the moving dance of New Waves!