Through increasing requests and a need for bringing the work into a larger framework of an institution we are now planning the formation of an innovative campus located in the Auroville Galaxy Plan, integrating diverse aspects to create a thriving environment for the art and science of Musical Instrument Crafts, bringing together the rich heritage of the Indian tradition with the accomplishments of academic musicological research, technical know-how and contemporary design.
Finest artisan, handcrafted instrument manufacture
Innovative, multidisciplinary explorations
Ethnomusicological research, intangible heritage documentation
Investigation of indigenous knowledge, craft skills and methods of original and classical instrument making
Integral approach in Music Pedagogy
Sound Education
Psycho-Acoustic Research, Sound Healing and Music Therapy
Sound Installation and Sound Landscapes
Music & Leadership
Integral Organisation
Participatory Management
Sustainable enterprise development
Tradition and innovation - social awareness and cultural diversity
Certified professional vocational training for instrument makers, a international dual system of study and hands-on work
National and international projects, trainings, internships, research residences and educational programs
Through the scope of the developed, existing and projected activities and the location of the campus in the context of India and the international futuristic project of Auroville, the campus will have far ranging impact and multiplication effects through direct involvement and employment trainings, courses, seminars, intern placements, research and art residences, international programs and collaborations and exchanges covering the full range of beneficiaries from the immediate local to national and international participation in a co-creation of a new era in musical craft for an emerging global civilization.
The planing board of the UNESCO endorsed international community project of Auroville in Tamil Nadu, South India has allocated land for the projected Campus of SVARAM. We are now looking for support and funding resources in a private-public partnership and direct collaboration with organizations, donors and well-wishers.
The nation- and worldwide uniqueness of the Campus attracts already attention from diverse sectors of Heritage Work, Innovative Craft Development, Social Enterprise and Higher Studies and represents a cutting edge opportunity for an Integrative Model Campus.
SVARAM Community Enterprise is growing and proving itself in sustainable development, but needs now the substantial sponsorship to build the necessary facilities and manifest the activities and faculties of a premier national institution of its kind. In the quest for more harmony and wellbeingof the individual and collective life and environment, SVARAM Campus projects to become a unique institute of international reputation of pioneering studies and work in one of the oldest crafts of human culture and wants to manifest a center of excellence and innovation in the context of the utopian vision of Auroville.
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  • EarthMoments - Trailer, by EarthSync, 2'26" min. EarthMoments is a collection of world music recordings by Aurelios friends, the electronic artists K...
  • Auroville Retreat - Healing with Sound, 1'26" min., collage This Auroville commercial is a vibrant medley of SVARAM sounds - Aurelio plays a variety ...
  • Auroville, Le Lien d'Or (The Golden Bond), Documentary by Michèle Decoust, 5 min. The film interviews several Aurovilians about their life and creativ...
SVARAM is developing from its initial social, training and research activities into an engaged model community enterprise with a promising potential...
SVARAM is looking for sponsorships and investments in our future. With private and public, national and international collaboration we willbe stronger to...
«October 2020»
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